Breeding Atrocity (2010 Demo's)

by Iconic Vivisect [IRR002]

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Australian Brutal Death Metal, hailing from Victoria.
Jay Cargill - Vocals
Chris Switell - Guitar
Justin Steinweiss - Bass
Adam Donnellan - Guitars
Dran Hulett - Drums

(Drum recordings performed by Nick Kennedy)

Breeding Atrocity is the combination of both the promo and demo Iconic Vivisect released in 2010, assimilated to be the length of a standard EP. To be honest, I fell in love with IV after first listening to their 2011 promo. IV has rather a unique sound to them unlike many other brutal death bands out there.

Probably my least favorite aspect of this EP/compilation is how easy it is to decipher the ending of the promo section and the beginning of the demo. There is a very different level of quality between the two sections, with the promo sounding much more mature and professionally produced than the demo. I wish the band would have re-recorded or at least re-mastered the demo to match the vibe of the promo. Although after a while, the demo begins to sound mastered well, once the memory of the sound of the promo leaves.

The mixing of both sections of Breeding Atrocity or rather professional, although I do not think the mixer put enough bass in the latter demo section for my own personal taste. The guitars are rather underlying in the mix, but still understandable. In the demo section, the guitars are more raw-sounding and not quite as well recorded than that of the promo. There is a copious abundance of tremolo-picking and pinched harmonics to make any death-metaller glad, however there is not too much creativity or originality in the guitarwork. It is the bass which I think has the most originality with odd-time signatures and unique rhythms. Unfortunately, it is hard to pick up the sound of the bass in the demo section.

Now what completely sold this band to me are the vocals. The vocalist of Iconic Vivisect has such a diverse voice and can do so many different vocalizations while most death metal and deathcore vocalists can only do as many as two of these vocalizations. From deathgrowls to pigsqueals to inhales to screams, this vocalist varies his vocals in the song. And for all you Jonny Davy haters and pigsqueal haters, the vocalist of IV changes up his types of vocals very often so the pigsqueals do not ruin the song. The only other vocalist I know who can do this properly is Grimo of Cytotoxin (DE).

Over all this is a great EP despite the flaw of the differences between the quality levels in the two different sections. I know this band will release some more amazing music. Hopefully, now that they are signed to Inherited Suffering, they will have a more conform sound and vibe through the new release they are working on now.
- benmoshen, June 5th, 2013


released July 16, 2013



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